20 May

May 20th Chase day

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Good Morning From Abilene TX, it looks like we will be heading south west today. We are not expecting too much, however, we are down here so we will give it a go and see what happens.

As for yesterday, it was a very eventful day. After scratching our heads for some time, we decided to chase the storms out east along the warm front. Not ideal for chasing but as the afternoon progressed it seemed like the environment was going to support a few tornadoes if semi isolated storms were to develop. Sure enough a few storms popped up. Some developed further east than we expected but we managed to get to them just in time to see one drop a tornado. It looks like they may have dropped more than one but due to the terrain we could not get a good visual on the storm in some areas.

Below is a picture of one of the Tornadoes we could see and managed to get a photo of it. it was on the ground for about a minute or two then dissipated. It looked like the storm was trying to produce another tornado,  however, it went behind a hill and we could not see.



Tornado just north of Mineral Wells TX  our position hwy 337

Tornado just north of Mineral Wells TX,
Our position hwy 337



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