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11 May

After awaiting the 15Z forecast models to be release and reviewing them. It looks like we will be heading to south east Nebraska. will be a long day, it appears that there will be a line of storms that will make it difficult to navigate around and there is a good possibility for long lasting tornado’s.

P.S Happy Mothers Day.

Getting ready to position for Sunday afternoon/evening. The Storm Prediction Center has upgraded there risk for tomorrow from slight to moderate as predicted if the models were to hold up with what they were suggesting. predictions are tough to choose from as there are 3 spots to choose from the warm front in Iowa, that shows the most the most probability so far for significant tornado’s. the cold front in OK KS but will most likely form a line of storms that increases he chance of dangerous situations as there is no way then around the line of severe weather. or the southern plains that show a better chance for isolated severe weather but will have a lower chance of producing a tornado due to the shear not being favorable until the evening to over night hours. this is a tough one to decide as Iowa is about 10 hours from Texas.

Well we are finally prepared and heading down to the Midwest for a few days. Due to some financial constraints we altered our normal plan and we are not going to be down for the normal two weeks. There are no big changes to the truck or equipment this year, save for a new GoPro everything is much the same.

We are departing home tomorrow morning and, knock on wood, plan to reach Joplin, MO or thereabouts by tomorrow evening. From there we will fine tune our forecast and see where we will be chasing from. I hope that this season stats as active as it has been but as usual, hope even more that people stay safe.

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