12 May

Day 3 Severe Sunny Skies and… Oh yeah we have 3 people.

Posted by in 2015 Season at May 12, 2015

I have to stress that it is not important as to who was driving off without who, and who remembered or didn’t that there are three of us in the truck this year. Things were done and things were quickly remedied. It is going to (obviously) take a few chases to get back into the swing of things and remembering that there is a third person is just a small kink in the overall chain.


All in all I think the chase yesterday went pretty smoothly, we started in Decatur Indiana and went NE almost to Toledo Ohio. Our new electric fan may not be up to the task of keeping the truck cool during a chase, but has so far performed as expected on a “normal” drive. We may have to modify the shroud to help airflow through the rad. We did manage to keep up with a pretty fast moving storm (~45kts) for almost 2 hours,  aided by a good road structure (and choices by Jay)  and lack of traffic.


We have 2-3 down days it looks like, we are going to head southwest towards Oklahoma in preparation for what looks like a very active end of the week / weekend. Having a large weather event on the weekend generally means it is going to be very busy with other chasers, we will have to contend with a lot of traffic as well as the actual storm. Tomorrow we are going to go to the Mark Twain National Forest in Missouri for a bit of sightseeing since it is en route.

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