11 May

Day Two, time to poke around.

Posted by in 2015 Season at May 11, 2015

Well the forecast today is less than stellar, much of the predicted instability, looks like it will migrate north and east of where we thought it would be yesterday. That coupled with some decent shear around the Indiana, Michigan, Ohio border today makes it our likely target. While it is not a great setup it looks like we will have a couple of down days before the next batch of storms so we will be heading out just to poke around and see what we can find.


Below on the left is a image of some of the few storms we passed through on the way to Martinsville. nothing too large and exciting but it was nice to get into a storm again and see some slight structure along a bit of hail to whet our appetite.
Below on the Right is the SPC forecast for a chance of Tornadoes today.


Small Storms on route to destination                                  SPCmay11th2015


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