06 May


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Surprising outcome to a promising looking day, not much happened. After waiting in Neligh, NE for a few hours with no results, we decided to pack it in. We decided on Lincoln, NE as our stop off point as it looks like somewhere in Kansas is our target area for today. However, we went a bit further south and stopped in Beatrice, NE.

After our dinner in Albion, I spotted a coin-op car wash and gave the Trailblazer a much needed bath (only $1.75 for 7min of time!!). 2500 KM of bugs and dust washed off relatively easily but the remaining drive to the hotel erased my efforts.  However, the few minutes it was clean was satisfying. On our way out, the much anticipated storms finally popped about 80 miles west of our location but it was getting dark and none of us wanted to chase at night time.

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  1. Brian Dillon says:

    See a tornado in Kansas? Are you off to the Rockies?

    • Brian@Mesoholics.net says:

      Hey! Nope, unfortunately didn’t see anything. Nothing really got that organized along the small line of storms that did finally form along the front. Missed the storms near Kansas city where there were 6 reports of brief wall clouds and funnels. Could see on radar that the storms near Kansas City were regenerating. Could see an updraft go up, merge with the parent storm, rotate and then weaken again. Nice backed flow in the area. In waiting for something better, missed what better organized storms there were.

      Well off to south texas today, though not the best chase territory. Then probably 3 down days. Grand canyon looks like a real possibility.


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