19 May

Marginally Marvellous

Posted by in 2015 Season at May 19, 2015

Well Yesterday worked out really well all things considered. I scheduled an appointment at an Amarillo, TX Chevrolet dealership to get the brakes checked out as the unholy sounds they were making was a bit worrisome. I made the appointment for 7:15AM as I knew that we could have a 5-6hr drive ahead of us to get to the storm area.However, the google maps directions decided it had other plans and had me go to the completely wrong side of town. I finally rolled into the dealer at 8AM after receiving directions from their second location, which I did have trouble following because there is a Cotter street and a Coutier street, which when pronounced with a West Texas accent sound remarkably similar….but they managed to get us on the road again by 10:30 which was great.


As opposed to our Moderately Meh day in Kansas / Oklahoma / Texas, we managed to get a really good storm near Pecos, Texas that did produce at least one very brief tiny tornado. This storm was the slowest one we have ever chased, “moving” at approximately 5MPH, which compared to most of our chases it was essentially stationary. We have 3 hours of dash cam footage that were all filmed over approximately 40 miles of road. We have a lot of footage / photos to sift through and start uploading to a gallery on the site but due to a lack of downtime and at least in this hotels case poor internet we can’t upload them in bulk.

Pecos Tornado


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