16 May

Chase Day May 16th 2015

Posted by in 2015 Season at May 16, 2015

Good morning from Kansas, we are already on the road south but just thought I do a quick post. It was quite the eventful afternoon yesterday. We ending up jetting west when we got to North Platte Nebraska. Started the chase early with a storm just south west of Chappell along the Colorado and Nebraska border. We Chased in that area and to the north for a few hours. Got to see a storm develop from a small cloud to a massive mesocyclone producing hail and many funnel clouds. although we could not see the funnels on the ground, one or two may of touched down as there were a few reports of tornadoes on the storms in the area.

As for today we are currently heading south towards the Kansas Oklahoma Boarder. Along the way we will continue to look at the forecast models and see if we should head further south into southwest Oklahoma or not. Today so far is forecasted to be a very intense day for storms along the plains with the chance of some strongĀ  severe tornadoes. Safety is always a big part of storm chasing and we hope everyone today stays vigilant and takes appropriate precautions to stay safe.

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