08 May

long chase to south texas…

Posted by in 2012 Season at May 08, 2012

Well, we knew it was going to be a long drive today for modestly organized storms…and it was.  Storms fired early, earlier than predicted the day before and so for a long while we were playing catch-up as we headed south through Texas.  Ironically, the best location looked to be San Angelo yesterday, and that was the location where the storms formed today.  Luckily the storms were slow moving and that allowed us to catch up with the main storm cell by later in the afternoon.  While weak rotation was exhibited in the storms, it was pretty evident that none were going to produce anything special.  It was basically a structure and hail day, and that was basically what we got.  Some very nice structure pictures and some very nice 1 in hail near Fredricksburg Texas.  Winds also picked up nicely today and on more than one occasion the rain and hail were falling more horizontally than vertically.  Internet feeds became intermittent south of Abeline and for a period of the day, we were without internet.  Still a fun day to chase in a week that otherwise, looks to be fairly uneventful.  Pattern problems galore are in the forecast!


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